EO Class Schedule

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Builders Mark Meet & Greet 

Location & Time – Morris Thompson Cultural Center 6PM


Welcome Reception

Location & Time – Morris Thompson Cultural Center 6PM-8PM


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Guide to Home Ventilation. (optional, please RSVP)

(2 hours)

This class will help people understand the importance of ventilation in increased health and safety, both to the house and the residents inside.

Location & Time – Westmark @8AM-10AM




First Steps: Building Science Basics. (optional, please RSVP by Nov 3)


This class provides information on how the house works as a system. Discussion includes information on the dynamics of how a home works and the management of heat, air and moisture. Issues described include stack effect, relative humidity, pressure differentials, and air movement. The goal is to achieve comfort, energy efficiency and durability in the home.

Along with the 8 hours of designated courses identified by the Commission, Real Estate Licensees are also required to complete an additional 12 hours of education in elective topics that meet the requirements set by the Alaska Real Estate Commission. This class satisfies 2 hours of elective course requirements.

FREE with RSVP by October 23rd, or pay the Thursday Session Fee of $100 for the entire day including Lunch.

Lunch is not included with the FREE course. RSVP for A La Carte Lunch here.

Location & Time – Westmark @8AM-10AM



Location & Time – Westmark Expo (Northern Latitudes) @10AM-10:30AM


Marketing the Brand "You". 

(1 hour; Executive Officers, Association Staff)

Navigating your way through hidden agendas and political issues while practicing unconditional positive regard for your members is no small task. Effective Executive Officers must be pleasant, attentive, curious and empathetic all at the same time. At all times you are marketing yourself as the broker of ideas and chief strategist for the organization. This program will highlight how to best manage your own personal brand and how critical personal branding is to overall leadership success.

Location & Time – Westmark @10AM-11AM


Leadership Challenge.

(1 hour; Executive Officers, Association Staff)

This session explores the five practices of exemplary leadership from the Businessweek best seller, The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Pozner. This popular leadership book (over one million copies sold) is in its third edition and is accompanied by the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment that has continually stood the test of time in terms of reliability and validity. Participants will have an opportunity to complete the LPI instrument and find out their leadership strength area(s). Lively discussion and activities will take place around each of the five practices.

Location & Time – Westmark @11AM-12PM



Building the Association of the Future.

(2 hours; Executive Officers, Association Staff)

Based on the best-selling association management books, 7 Measures of Success  and The End of Membership As We Know It, this session focuses on:

  • Creating a culture of engagement

  • Aligning your association’s mission with the programs, products and services it offers

  • Understanding the needs and wants of the next generation of members

  • Generating dialogue and building inclusion of the next generation

  • Successfully adapting to a changing landscape

Location & Time – Westmark @1PM-3PM



Location & Time – Westmark Expo (Northern Latitudes) @3PM-3:30PM


How to Sell High Performing Homes. (optional)

(2 hours)

This class will outline the steps necessary to educate not only homebuyers but all industry partners involved in the housing industry, to make energy efficiency improvements and high-performance buildings visible in the marketplace. Learn ways to market and sell energy efficient homes.

Location & Time – Westmark @3PM-5PM




How to Choose a Contractor. (optional, please RSVP by Nov 3)


Hiring a contractor can be one of the most costly or intimidating parts of a home remodel. This course will help to identify common pitfalls in hiring a qualified contractor and show you how to avoid them. We review the importance of hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor as well as how you can minimize risk and increase satisfaction with a job well done.

Location & Time – Westmark @3PM-5PM


Beer Gardens

Location & Time – Westmark Expo (Northern Latitudes) @5PM-6PM


Gold Key Reception

Location & Time – Lavelle's Bistro @6PM-7:30PM


Friday, November 6, 2015

Alaska State Home Building Association Board of Directors & General Membership Meeting

See Agenda Here

Location & Time – Westmark (Gold East) @8AM-12PM



Location & Time – Westmark (Gold Middle) @12PM-1PM


Alaska State Home Building Association Board of Directors & General Membership Meeting

See Agenda Here

Location & Time – Westmark (Gold East) @1PM-5PM


Realtors Wine Reception

Location & Time – Westmark Expo (Northern Latitudes) @5PM-6PM




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